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Gaming packages for players

We offer exclusive trips for VIP guests of our casino, allowing them to travel and enjoy their gaming experience at the prestigious Mandarin Club House casino. Depending on the individual player, our casino provides financial support for their travel and accommodation expenses. If you have a passion for gambling, you'll be intrigued by our gaming-tour packages, which provide complimentary hotel accommodations, transportation, and various other perks.

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What are gaming tours?

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Gaming tours are exclusive and opulent travel packages offered to elite high-rolling casino patrons. Lavish accommodations, private transportation, personalized services, and extravagant amenities are provided to entice and reward VIP players, creating an unparalleled and indulgent gambling experience in the world of high-stakes gaming.

What benefits or incentives can I expect if I make a larger deposit?

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Larger deposits come with numerous added perks, such as upgrades to higher room categories, even up to the prestigious Presidential Suite, business class air tickets, airport VIP service, as well as personal bonuses and customized conditions. Kindly relay your requests to our manager for further assistance.

As a prominent figure, how will my privacy be protected?

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Mandarin Club House, a VIP casino, has earned a reputable and favorable standing among high-stakes players by ensuring confidentiality and security. Regular patrons include notable businessmen, performers, athletes, and public figures. If you require complete privacy, simply inform us in your request, and we will accommodate your preferences accordingly.

What happens if I reserve a tour but don't make a deposit upon arrival?

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In case you book a tour but fail to make a deposit upon arrival, you will be responsible for covering the cost of the hotel room that was reserved under your name.

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